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the road he is on right now. >> she how screwed up the katy interview. >> i don't blame people for thinking i was not qualified. >> is she preparing for a talk show and should oprah watch her back. >> the screaming headlines that brad and angelina may be breaking up. what's the truth? tonight "showbiz tonight" with the dramatic new public way brad and angie are trying to put the rumors to rest. and tonight, the startling big bucks offer to carrie prejean for her solo sex tape. should we say sex tapes? will carrie go for it? the offer? tv's most provocative entertainment news show starts right now. >> i'm a.j. hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. >> i'm brooke anderson from hollywood. tonight when sarah met ohm ra. the much-hyped face off between sarah palin and oprah winfrey was revealed to the world today. "showbiz tonight" is here to tell you in word, wow! there is a good reason they are calling the revelations a tell all. she is telling all about the shocking pregnancy of her teenage daughter, bristol and her feud with the baby's father, soon to be "playgirl" c
an emotional response to criticism of his past drug use and spoke to katie couric about his book in which he admits uses countrital meth back this 1987. katie asked him about criticism from martina. >> she said not as much shock that did he it as shock he lied about it and didn't own up to it. he's up there with roger chemical ens as far as i'm concerned. he owned up to it in the book but it doesn't help now. >> quau >> yeah. that's what you don't want to hear, but when somebody takes a performance inhibitor, a recreational drug -- >> versus a performance enhancing drug. >> -- the one thing that i would hope is that there are rules that have to be followed but along with that would come compassion that maybe this person doesn't need condemnation, maybe this person could sap a little help. because i was at a time in my life when i immediated help. >> you can watch katie's entire interview on 60 minutes oig this sunday at 7:00. 6:00 central. debbye debbye? >> all right. coming up, oprah winfrey's daytime drama. why she might be headed in a new direction. we'll be right bac
palin appeared on oprah for one full hour and touched on everything from katie couric to lieu vie johnston to "saturday night live." with me now, matt continetti. randi rhodes, radio talk show host. and kinky friedman. great to see you tonight. great to meet you, kinky. i don't think we've met. >> it's a pleasure, joy. >> did you see the interview? give me your tape. general idea of it. >> i thought it was a soft focus interview. i don't think oprah threw many hard balls at sarah palin. they wanted to talk about what the emotions were like. fitting for oprah. i thought she did great. >> what about you, kinky? were you attracted to her? >> she's a cute little booger -- >> she is. >> she does a good tina fey impersonation. it puts me in a diabetic coma with too much sarah. randi loves me, right? i just think what's more interesting is what it says about us. >> well, oprah asked about the infamous katie couric interview, specifically the part where she was asked what she reads. wat watch. >> i was more like, are you kids me? to me it was in the context of, do you read? it seemed like
to see the answer. palin was anything but upbeat when talking about her interview with katie couric during the 2008 presidential race. that's new for you in about 30 minutes. and of course this interview comes as her book is about to be released next week. that's why the conversations. maybe levi johnston, maybe he's not a good conversationalist. >> put him at the kids' table. big deal. let him sit there. he has his child there. >> she seems to be nicer answering about him than we are. hi there. >> what's up, robin? let me show you what's going on. talking about this coastal low. it's the old ida reformed as a coastal storm up the north carolina coast, and you see the clouds wrapping up with that and the rain underneath it. it's been very heavy at times. langley air force base there in virginia over 10 inches of rain in the last 36 hours really coming down. most of the heavy stuff off the atlantic ocean. a breeze coming in, still pushing the waves up there. coastal flood warnings are up there for the areas shaded in bright green. advisories in to long island, nantucket and martha's
palin also talked about katie couric in that interview. but she specifically talked about katie occurric as the perky on on being partisan. gretchen: that's a very interesting take. she does admit that that interview was not one of her better moments. but that is an interesting point to show that according to her it was bipartisan in the sense she didn't show the gaps joe biden made. brian: katie couric put something in context the one thing i could not understand, when sarah did not answer the question, what do you read? just say "newsweek," whatever it is. there's no wrong answer, i don't think. maybe you can analyze her reading list. but now they said she had just come off a major appearance. she was sky high. she was talking to katie couric and a little aggravated with her because this was an endless interview. she opened up the curtain and there was katie currin again -- couric again right in her face asking questions. she thought it was a putdown question, "what do you read?" steve: governor sarah palin said i talk a lot about the katie couric interview in the book. steve: she goes
of new york city bloomberg, and katie. i think the fact that this wednesday before thanksgiving, 8:00 in the morning. we have a full house and a lot of cameras. it's either a testament to the fact that timeliness and the quality of this discussion or they are expecting you to announce decisions this morning. but seriously, we are here today to discuss this is a reform and the 21st century, an issue that could not be more timely to keep our global edge and economies try the nation needs to get education ride. many to improve our failing schools and close the persistent achievement caps and prepare all e all students regardless of the family background with the workplace of the 21st century. that is with these great leaders and our team here at cap led by sandra brown have been striving for. the american recovery and reinvestment act targeted for education reform 4.35 billion in the top funds. 2 million for the teacher incentive on, $250 million in a statewide longitudinal data grants and $3 billion in title one school improvement grants, a total of $8 billion. the race for the top p
is martina navratilova. good morning. >> good morning. >> last night on 60 minutes oig, katie couric read your quote regarding andre agassi's drug use to andre. this is what you said. shocking, not as much shock that he did it as shock that he lied about it and didn't own up to it. he's up there with roger clemens as far as i'm concerned. and i want you to hear andre's reaction after hearing that quote. >> when somebody takes a performance inhibitor, a recreation al drug -- >> versus a performance enhancing drug. p. >> -- the one thing that i would hope is not that there aren't rules that need to be followed, but along with that would come some compassion that maybe this person doesn't need condemnation, maybe this person could stand a little help. >> martina, andre is suggesting that you were not compassionate enough. what do you say now after hearing his response? >> well, let me just say that i am a compassionate person as i've proved it this morning when i rescued a tree frog from my sink and let it in the wild. but you're guilt i don't believe it that recreational drugs should be sta
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bunle up. that's it for us on 9 news now at 6:00. the cbs evening news with katie couric is next with the latest on the investigation in though ft. hood shooting. derek will continue the coverage coming up on the area's only local newscast at 7:00 and don't forget, wusa9.com is always on. have a great weekend.
, make your judgments. >> katie cuouric did some of other own and she did a parody of night before xhm, she wrote a poem, i guess she wrote it. here is one of the lines. the republican votes right now total zero, but a trigger could make one woman a hero. >> cal, what do you think? >> i would say it was the night before christmas and all through the of press not a creature was stirring and that's why i'm depressed. >> and right. >> to me the media have a social agenda and a political agenda that they use to advance their social agenda. whether it's nationalized health care fo everybody whether it works or not. same sex marriage, abortion, high spending and more. and if you understand that, you can filler the information you're getting through that prism. >> jeanie, do you agree that the mainstream media are sort of cheerleading health care reform? >> i think some of them are, some of them aren't. but i agree with elliss in that it's really something when you need to look to michael steele and the g.o.p. advertisement to find out how much money is being afforded and awarded in ear marks
or no? >> palin was anything but upbeat when talking about her interview with katie couric during the 2008 presidential race. that's new in about 30 minutes. >>> you wouldn't be inviting levi for the conversation. >> better chance of the turkey talking to you. have you finally gotten off the kids' table yet? it took me a few years. when i first started throwing it at my own house, no, no, you're sitting there. >> it can last all the way through college. >> i was 34 until -- good morning, robin. last of the coastal storm that used to be ida that reformed and became more powerful. look at the rain. the sent r of the storm is down south. you see the swirl in the rain showers here. with the long fetch off the ocean. wind over the ocean for a long way. picks up moisture and throws it back in towards new jersey. we had the flash flood watches out there. and the coastal flood warnings. down towards seaside. look at the winds. these are sustained. 35 miles per hour winds off the cost. about 37 sustained winds near atlantic city. not as fast as yesterday. still enough to have a problem at
title. nothing off-limits. she's talking about her battles with bristol's ex, levi johnston. the katie couric interview. resignation as governor. as you see her with oprah, does it change your view? always love hearing from you. 1-877-tell-hln is the number. e-mail us, cnn.com/primenews. or text us at hlntv. just start your message with the word prime. it's your chance to be heard. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> this is hour number two of "prime news." cops found the body of a little girl they believe is shaniya davis. unthinkable allegations coming in against her mother, antoinette davis, accused of giving up her little girl for prostitution. the last time little shaniya was seen alive was in this disturbing surveillance video. carried into a hotel room by a convicted felon. a body found along the highway, just seven miles from that hotel. >> we have located a body. based on some information that we obtained, we can confirm that that body is a child. and it was located off of walker road. >> we'll take your calls, comments, questions, 1-877-tell-hln is the number. we welcom
love how they act like it was a trick question from katie couric. what do you read? >> isn't she playing the victim constantly? i mean, she's always blaming everybody for her problems. >> i don't know. first of all, i don't think she's got too many problems right now. she's a bestseller. it was a bestseller before it hit the shelves. she's going to be a multimillionaire. she's doing just fine. she said it best in the oprah interview. katie couric looked at her like she was from his nomadic tribe from alaska and asking her what she read was like asking her if she read. i don't think she's being a victim. >> i don't think that's true. i think they would ask president obama, what do you read? people ask me that question all the time. >> i don't know. president obama wrote an autobiography when he was a state legislator. he listed out the things he's read and his mentors and his influences from academia. i think they wouldn't ask him that because it's very clear he's a cultured -- >> it's a legitimate question. >> bill clinton used to love to read mystery novels and talked about -- >
about her interview with katie couric during the 2008 presidential race. what she admits about that in about 30 minutes. >>> soon, very soon your bank will no longer be allowed to automatically charge you overdraft fees. jen westhoven's been giving a hallelujah in the back every once in awhile. >> yeah, because you're in the driver's seat now. if you want to keep paying those fees go right ahead. you just opt right in there. but for people like me, and a lot of other people out there who are saying hallelujah on facebook page it means the days are over of you paying a $35 fee, $35 for a $2 mistake. so that may never happen again. it won't start until july 1st. but the fed just announced that as a new rule. so it means, now it's not for things like checks. it means that a bank can't just automatically put you into their overdraft program where they are basically, they are hoping they're going to make some big money when you make a little mistake. so this only works for an overdraft on your debit card when you're at a store, for example. and i've had, you know, a few times, peopl
interview with katie couric. >> must we? >> you do say that it was not your best interview. it was a seminal, defining moment for you. >> in fact, that is what the other segments were scheduled. the campaign said, "right on, good. it was a good interview." and if they thought that was a good interview, i did not know what they thought a bad interview was, because i knew it was not a good interview. greta: what did oprah winfrey say about the sarah palin interview? >> sailor palin just left. lots of people did not want to have me to want me to have for on. lots of reporters did not want her to be here. we talked about inside the campaign, about what it felt like when she was first asked to be vice president, the candidate. we talked about her daughter b ristol, the pregnancy. we talked about her baby, trig, and we talked about lead by johnston. we talked about her marriage. -- we talked about levi johnston. greta: what about governor palin? what did she think about the interview? she wrote about it on facebook. >she said that they take to the show and enjoyed it so much that they went over on
, subway scare, a woman falls on the tracks of and oncoming train. first, katie couric has a review tonight's "cbs evening news." >>> our exclusive investigation continues. even if a rape kit is sent to a crime lab, there's no guarantee it will be tested there. so is this allowing too many rapists to strike again and again? that story and more tonight only on the "cbs evening news." er and you worry your pipes might leak (pipe doctor) ask your doctor about treating with vesicare. (pipe woman) then you could treat yourself to a night out with fewer urges or a day with fewer leaks or a trip with fewer overactive bladder problems. (pipe doctor) once daily vesicare can help control your bladder muscle and is proven to reduce frequent, sudden urges and leaks day and night. if you have certain stomach or glaucoma problems, or trouble emptying your bladder, do not take vesicare. tell your doctor right away if you have a serious allergic reaction, severe abdominal pain, or become constipated for three or more days. vesicare may cause blurred vision so use caution while driving or doing unsafe tasks
. >> let's talk about the interview with katie couric. >> must we? ok. >> you talk about it in the book. you do say that it was not your best interview. was that a seminal, defining moment for you? >> i did not think so. neither did the campaign. that is why segment two, three, four, maybe five were scheduled. the campaign said, right on. good. this is what america needs to see. it was a good interview. i was thinking, if you thought that was good, i do not know what a bad interview is. i knew it was not a good interview. >> what she did when she came out during the republican national convention, such pressure, prime time, she delivered a speech, she hit it out of the park. she has these unfortunate interviews. they had the long knives out for. she's a pretty woman, but she is not a liberal. they want to demonize and dismiss her because she is a threat. she walks the walk. she is pro-life. she had a down's syndrome baby. she could have had an abortion. she scared the hell out of them. >> could she be president? sure. i would never vote for her. i feel for her in the sense that i think
by eyewitness news at 11:00. >>> and katie cushic -- couric has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. >>> employees spend an hour and a half online. and many sites they're visiting aren't job-related. now businesses are cracking down. we'll show you how they're watching. >>> nine people die, and dozens are injured. the next step for the ntsb in the summer's fatal metro crash. >>> a coastal flood warning. here's a look at ocean city. our first warning weather coverage continues. >>> suspect charmed. the army psychiatrist who opened fire at fort hood faces 13 counts of murder. hey there, this is your lamp. why don't you show the lady how romantic you can be by turning me off? you'll set the mood while using a lot less energy. maybe later you can hook me up with a cfl. it will show how much you care for the environment. [announcer] learn to speak the language of energy efficiency at bgesmartenergy.com, where you'll find plenty of energy-saving tips. ahhhhh. the passion. soir it is -- >>> it is 4:30. cloudy skies and rain. hello, everyone. thanks for staying with eyewitness
with katie couric. >> must we? >> okay. >> you talk about it in the book so i assume everything in the book is fair game. >> you do say it wasn't your best interview. it was a seminole defining moment. >> did i not neither did the campaign. that's why segment two, three, four maybe 5 were scheduled. the campaign said right off good you are showing your independence this is what america needs to see. this is a good interview. if you thought that was a good interview die know what a bad interview is. i knew it wasn't a bad interview. >> could she be president? >> absolutely she could. when she came out such pressure prime time delivered a speech for an hour. she hit it out of the park. she had the unfortunate interviews but they had the long knives out for her. as the previous guest discussed she is a pretty woman but not liberal. they want to demonize marginalize dismiss them because she is a threat. she is pro-life she had a downed syndrome baby. she could have had an abortion. she had it she scares the hell out of them. >> could she be president? sure i would never vote for her. >> you are
they are scared of her being a popular republican or conservative. she said she had a bad couric andith katie your rick let herself get mishandled in 2008. >> i'm sitting at my desk here preparing my show and two of the mccain staffers most prominently mentioned in the book and there they are, steve schmidt who said why is the bald guy always the villain both called and said the palin stories are made up and total fiction. >> you will have them feuding with each other for awhile. that will be one of the sidelines of the story and they can fight it out and i don't know who will end up getting the better of it. i don't think it will be good for either of them. the question about palin's future. i think the fact that she is interesting and charismatic and polarizing and has tremendous popularity among the republican base guarantees a force in the party, a media celebrity. the big question is what about her future as an actual candidate. what i think about is whether or not she is willing to do the work that she wasn't willing to do when she went back to alaska which is fill in the gaps and get up to
: the katie couric interview where she answered questions, about -- and even with oprah had trouble answering the question about the katie couric interview and many people including yourself, said it was a fair interview. she wasn't coming after her like a pit bull in any sort of -- looking down the nose at her. >> caller: in the book, sarah palin says that she booted the interview. she's up front about it. she booted it. it wasn't one of her finest moments, and why she booted it. we'll discuss it but it looked to me in reading the book, they were overloading her on say this, say that, don't say this, don't say that and that is what happened to president bush, they'd overload him on so much stuff, he'd get in there and forget or would be thinking about it, instead of answering the questions, he'd be thinking about what he should say rather than speaking from the heart and that is how it looked to me and i spoke to katie couric friday night about that interview. and -- because i prepping, now, that what is we do... we prep! and i will not tell you what she told me, but it was interesting from
said she had a bad interview with katie couric. she let herself get mishandled. it's up to her to see if she can move ahead. >> mara, i have to tell you, i'm sitting by my desk here preparing my show assiduously and two of the mccain staffers most prominently mentioned in the book, steve schmidt, who called up and said why is the bald guy always the villain, and nicole wallace both called me and said that the palin stories are made up and, quote, total fiction. >> i think what that guarantees is you're going to have this family feud, the palins vs. the mccains, going on for a while. that's going to be one of the sidelines of this story as she makes her big media debut. and they can fight it out. i don't know who's going to end up getting the better of it. i don't think it's going to be good for either of them. i think the question about palin's future, i think she is -- the fact that she's interesting and charismatic and polarizing and has tremendous popularity among the republican base guarantees she's going to have a future as a force in the party, as a media celebrity. the big ques
. then there was the katie couric interview. >> do you think that was a seminal, defining moment for you, that interview? >> i did not and neither did the campaign. in fact, that is why segment two and three and four and maybe five were scheduled. the campaign said, right on, good, you're showing your independence, this is what america needs to see. it was a good interview. and of course i'm thinking, if you thought that was a good interview, i don't know what a bad interview was. because i knew it wasn't a good interview. >> reporter: just before palin resigned as alaska's governor she reveals in the book her legal bills topped $500,000 due mostly to ethics complaints. there's a $50,000 legal bill linked to the mccain campaign, part of the cost of vetting her. then a family matter involving levi johnston, father of her grandson. >> he is part of the family. he needs that too. i think he needs to know that he is loved and he has the most beautiful child. and this can all work out for good. it really can. we don't have to keep going down this road of controversy and drama all the time. >> as for palin's
with katie couric again. wait a minute, isn't that where all the trouble started? >> it is. as i talked to the persecutionist sarah palin that affected independents in particular views of sarah palin and whether she was up to the job of high office. that's why i think if she is considering another run for the presidency, down the line she is going to have to do a grudge match if you will, another sit down with katie couric. i think this time she will be a little bit more prepared. a little bit more comfortable than she was the first time. peter: matthew, how does she overcome the mainstream media? we see christopher hitchens kind of snarky, if not sexist piece in "newsweek" in today's "new york times" review of her book, which is dismissive in some ways. how does she get beyond that? >> it's going to be hard. she is already starting to do that. that's by speaking directly to her supporters. now the book is part of that she is going to do the big name interviews that will humanize her a little wit. the real thing that's happening under the radar are direct communications on facebook and
. >> right now katie couric has a preview of tonight's cbs evening news. >>> our exclusive investigation continues. even if a rape kit is sent to a crime lab, there is to guarantee it will be test there had. is this allowing rapists to trying again and again? we'll have that story tonight only on the "cbs evening news." now back to "the early show." >>> it is how 8:0 a 5. let's go back to dave this alabama with another check of the weather. >>> good mornin >>> well, we have clouds and it's pleasant. we're going for a high around 66 degrees. it will be a mild afternoon. we may see clouds and sun for a time this afternoon. the fact of the matter is, it will rain tonight and as the cold front moves our way, 46 is the overnight low and tomorrow, it will be cloudy and wet and windy and >> announcer: this weather report sponsored by play si's. this holiday, macy's celebrates a million reasons to believe. details at macy's.com/believe. >>> that's the latest from gulf shores, alabama. maggie, we'll send it back to you in new york. >>> up next, shocking new information about violence against wome
interview with katie couric. >> i was wearing my attitude on my sleeve, which i should not have been. i had just done an op-ed. i had been interviewed by those national media outlets. very unprofessional of me. my fault. my bad that i answered the way that i answered. jon: she says she cannot predict what will happen in 2012. as for her family, she said that she was devastated when her daughter said that she was pregnant. she commented on the father of the baby, who has said that he has detrimental information on her. she told barbara walters that he has nothing on her. jane: lots of confusion this morning about breast health and mammograms. a government panel has released new breast cancer screening guidelines. the group says that women do not need mammograms in their '40's and that everyone should get one every few years or so. the panel also found that self- exams ultimately do not do a lot of good. this is a dramatic break from what the american cancer society has said for so long. dr. manny alvarez is here to tell us what to do with this information. he is a part of our medical a team.
-- trade and economic policy and climate change and north korea's nuclear program and katie sergeant, is at the news conference where the meeting wrapped up. >> reporter: it was a big day for him and other leaders from pacific rim nations, including russia. president obama and russian president dmitry medvedev met on the sidelines of the summit and reported progress on negotiation for a new start treaty on reducing nuclear arms, it expires on december 5th and that is for a re-- as for a replacement treaty the president says they are getting there. >> president barack obama: our goal continues to be to complete the negotiations, and to be able to sign a deal before the end of the year. and, i'm confident that if we work hard and with a sense of urgency about it that we should be able to get that done and i very much feel as if both sides are trying to work through difficult technical issues but are doing so in good faith. >> reporter: of course economic and trade issues are ostensibly why they get together for the summits and on that front the leaders noted the world's economy has beg
, and they are going to be on dinner together talking about the interview with katie couric, and she talked about her conflicts with the mccain campaign in 2008. this sitdown could possibly play a role in her political future and the reemergence she seems to have planned, coinciding with the release of her book, months after she made the controversial decision to step down as alaskas governor. the book is called "going wrote -- "going rogue" and is scheduled for release next week. the book is published by harpercollins, which is owned by the parent company of fox. what do the numbers say right now for sarah palin? according to a "usa today"/gallup poll, 63% say they would not vote for her in 2012, but the ever imported independents are very worth watching. 41% favorable and 48% unfavorable. in the "wall street journal," a columnist who has written a book about sarah palin says -- we will see about that. bill kristol is an editor of the "weekly standard" and fox news contributor. we're talking to us are palin in -- we are talking about sarah palin again. she clearly wants to appeal to oprah's huge aud
image. >> reporter: and a way to settle old scores. >> let's talk about the interview with katie couric. >> must we? >> yes. >> okay. >> reporter: in the book obtained by the associated press, palin says couric was badgering and had a political agenda. some of her toughest words were for the mccain campaign handlers who praised the interview. >> i think if you thought that was a good interview, i don't know what a bad interview was because i knew it wasn't a good interview. >> as reflected on nbc's "saturday night live." >> well, in that case, i'm just going to have to get back to ya. >> there was a caricature drawn of sarah palin that was unfavorable to sarah palin, and i think the book tour, you know, the appearance on television were all designed to sort of rehabilitate that image. >> reporter: the man who put palin in the national spotlight says he hadn't read her book yet. >> i just received a signed copy of it from her yesterday, so i'll read it with interest. >> reporter: at least one democrat says she sees palin in a new light. >> now i see her more as a family person, as a wife
of katie. you know... runaway stage. well, dinner will be ready in a few minutes. imagine what a little time can do for your family. vehicle and ran up the hill is when things started getting pretty bad. and we started encountering fire. >> reporter: sergeant munley is still in the hospital recovering from those bullet wounds. secretary of defense robert gates was one of her first visitors. >>> a california man is due to turn himself in today charged with wearing military medals he never urned. steven burton showed up at a high school reunion in june dressed as a decorated marine veteran. a suspicious classmate who is a navy commander contacted the fbi. if convicted of federal impersonation charges burton could be sentenced to a year in prison. >>> former heavyweight champ mike tyson and a celebrity photographer duked it out at the l.a. airport last night. both say they will file charges. tyson was arrested and relaelsed after allegedly hitting the photographer who fell and cut his forehead. tyson was traveling with his family. he says he was just trying to protect his infant daughter f
-- >> oh, my gosh. >> that's bizarre. and the getaway car was driven by a katie couric look-alike. great. >> and the similarity wins by a nose. >> oh! >> ouch. >> that was uncalled for. that juwas uncalled for. that was -- >> they say everybody has a twin somewhere. >> mine is an evil twin. >> felon. >> actually, that's the good twin. [ laughter ] >>> let's get a check of the morning's weather from mr. roker. >> all righty. let's see what's going on. pacific northwest. this is a powerful storm. we're talking waves 25 to 28 feet along the washington/oregon coastline. 130-mile-per-hour jet stream drive in this thing. it is going to be a mess. we're talking about snow levels dropping to 2,500 feet. we're also looking at anywhere from one to three inches of rain. rest of the country, >> it is going to be a fairly quiet friday. the winds are going to pick up a little bit this afternoon. it will be breezy and cool. high temperatures and the the upper 40's and >> and that's your latest weather. meredith? >> al, thank you. >>> and still ahead, much more on thursday's shooting rampage at ft. hood
when katie told him thatnavratilova compared him to steroids. >> when someone takes a performance inhibitor -- a recreational drug. >> versus the performance enhancing drug. >> i hope there are not rules to be followed with her. but along with that, it comes with compassion that this person doesn't need condemnation. maybe this person could stand a little help. because i was in a time of my life that i needed help. and if i'd gotten the help, maybe things would be a little easier and maybe i could have, you know, found a way. but when you -- if you can get the help, then you can help others. you know, it could just be a problem. you know? imad a problem. there might be many others out there that test positive for recreational drugs that has a problem. i would ask for some compassion. passion. >> lit be out on monday. >> oh. >> thursday we asked you to vote on the question of the day. moments as, the final results, her tell-al. do you add mice her for speaking about her abuse. 51% say yes. 43% say no rene writes -- rihanna should be praised for deciding to discuss a very painful an
me up. they should consider calling it a troop support tax. another facebook comment from katie, saying my family already paid our tax when my husband was in iraq for a year. if this tax means better armor for the vehicles, great. somehow i think the troops won't see any benefits from this. i got a text from star who says i've been taxed enough this year not to mention i now disagree with the war. and an e-mail from heather. if taxing the war helps bring down the deficit, that's great, but as a military family, we shouldn't be taxed. we've already sacrificed so much for the wars and paying taxes on our already low income wouldn't be fair. we've gotten comments similar to that one like heather's. and an e-mail from rod. the tax leveed for the war effort is perfect. i've waited years for this and similar measures. however, as is usual, a targeting mistake is being made by the politicians. the world needs to pay the tax to the united states for protecting their respective countries. we pay with our blood. they need to pay us for the past, the present, and all the future efforts. th
's talk about the interview with katie couric. >> must we? okay. okay. >> you talk about it in the book. i assume everything in the book is fair game. >> it is. >> you do say that it wasn't your best interview. >> here again -- >> did you think that was a defining moment for you, that book? >> i did not. neither did the campaign. that is why segment two and three and four and five were scheduled. the campaign said right on. good. you're showing independence. this is what america needs to see. that's a good interview. i'm thinking if you thought that was a good interview, i don't know what a bad interview was. i knew it wasn't a good interview. >> more bad blood between her and the mccain campaign officials. >> with answers like that, what is this? a book tour? to make money? to stay in the public eye? >> it's everything. she wants to get her message out. you write a book. get back in the spotlight, write a book. go on oprah and do a book tour. is there politics involved? does she want to run for the top spot next time around? we don't know. i tell you, a lot of people that run for presiden
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